The world's first company making simulated cells accessible.

We are hardware obsessed, AI/ML leaders and commercially driven.

Our relationships, our platform.
We work with and support academic institutions all over the world.
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Bioleap is supported by Post Urban Ventures.

Our Mission

Making whole cell models more useful far sooner than previously imaginable.

Starting an era of human progress as significant as the industrial and digital revolutions.

Our Approach


We leverage the latest in artificial intelligence.

Our world-leading academic partners and AI focused computational biologists ensure that we remain one step ahead.


The latest in lab automation and single-cell technologies.

We're focused on investing in new technologies to facilitate the new world of in-silico design and optimisation.


We build real-world solutions.

Our core focus is on developing cutting-edge science to benefit and improve society today, not in the next decade.


We believe in a better world.

We're bringing together the brightest minds from across the globe to help us remove barriers and develop interdisciplinary breakthrough technologies.


Supporting academic research.

We regularly seek to support academic research through both funding and through commercial application.