Objective was to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that positions Lumos as an industry leader and communicates their sustainability values effectively.


Digitrex collaborated with Lumos to create a robust digital strategy centered around their sustainability initiatives. We conducted in-depth market research and competitor analysis to identify key messaging opportunities. Leveraging our expertise in copywriting, we developed compelling and engaging content that highlighted Lumos' eco-friendly lighting solutions and the environmental impact of their products. The content was strategically optimized for search engines to improve visibility and attract organic traffic. We also implemented social media campaigns and email marketing to raise awareness among the target audience.


The digital strategy implemented by Digitrex had a profound impact on Lumos' brand positioning. The optimized content resulted in a 150% increase in organic search traffic, positioning Lumos as an authority in sustainable lighting solutions. The social media campaigns generated high engagement and contributed to a 200% growth in social media followers. Lumos' partnership with Digitrex allowed them to effectively communicate their sustainability values and connect with customers who prioritize eco-friendly products.