Brand creation

Goal was to establish Runne as a premium fitness brand and create a strong digital presence.


Digitrex embarked on a comprehensive brand creation and digital strategy for Runne. We worked closely with the client to understand their vision and target audience. Through market research and competitor analysis, we developed a unique brand identity and positioning that resonated with fitness enthusiasts seeking exclusivity. Our team then crafted a visually striking website that showcased Runne's premium products and highlighted their brand values. Additionally, we implemented a tailored digital marketing campaign, combining SEO, social media marketing, and influencer collaborations to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.


The partnership between Runne and Digitrex resulted in significant success. Runne's brand presence skyrocketed, with a 300% increase in website traffic and a substantial growth in social media followers. The carefully crafted digital marketing campaign led to a 250% rise in online sales and established Runne as a top-tier fitness brand in the market. Runne's collaboration with Digitrex not only propelled their growth but also positioned them as leaders in the industry.