Brand creation
Social campaigns

Our goal was to establish Quali as a distinguished coffee brand, develop a comprehensive brand strategy, and drive customer engagement through social media campaigns.


Digitrex worked closely with Quali to develop a strong brand identity and strategy that would differentiate them in the competitive coffee market. We conducted extensive market research to identify the target audience and their preferences. Based on the insights gathered, we created a compelling brand story and visual identity that reflected Quali's commitment to premium quality and exquisite taste. To drive customer engagement, we crafted and executed captivating social media campaigns that highlighted Quali's unique brewing techniques, coffee origins, and sensory experiences.


The collaboration between Quali and Digitrex yielded remarkable outcomes. Quali's brand recognition and reputation flourished, with a 300% increase in social media followers and a substantial growth in brand mentions and engagement. The social media campaigns generated buzz and excitement among coffee enthusiasts, resulting in a 250% rise in website traffic and a significant increase in online sales. Quali's partnership with Digitrex solidified their position as a leading premium coffee brand known for its exceptional quality and unforgettable coffee experiences.